What is CACIB

In accordance with the FCI/ANKC Ltd Associate Membership Agreement the ANKC Ltd is required to conduct a minimum of 2 Certificats d’Aptitude au Championnat International de Beauté (CACIB) shows per year.

These shows are to be conducted using the 10 FCI Groups and the FCI Breed Standards for each of the breeds.

A CACIB may be awarded to the best Dog and Bitch of each recognised breed at the discretion of the Judge and provided it was awarded Excellent (1) in its class and is 15 Months and over.

A CACIB awarded in an Australian State/Territory may go towards an FCI International Champion title earned in Australia or Internationally.

To become an International Champion a Dog must earn 4 CACIBs in 2 States, under 3 different Judges and from 3 different FCI Member Countries.

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