Mr Adrian Walmsley (NSW)

I started with a BIS winning Scottish Terrier in 1968 and moved on to Sealyham, Lakeland, Dandie Dinmont, Bull, Wire Fox, Kerry Blue and Irish Terriers. All of these breeds had BIS winners and very many BIG winners. The wire haired Fox Terrier, Ch Louline Hi Jack, went BIS at the AKC Centenary Show in Canberra which was judged by three all breeds judges.

In its heyday, my kennel contained 40 terriers most of the time and up to 5 breeds at any time that were all shown against each other.  Many times, we won the Group and runner up. Three years in a row, we won Terrier of the Year with Sealyham, Wire (with Hi Jack) and Irish Terriers.

I edited “Down Under” Australia’s Terrier Magazine for 5 years and have judged all over Australia and New Zealand as well as in Sweden, Norway and the United States.

In addition to the terriers, I have had German Shepherds, Springer Spaniels, Whippets, Bichons, Affenpinschers and Griffons. 

As well as Australian and NZ appointments, I have judged a number of times in the USA and in Sweden, where I guess Best in Show judging at their Terrier Club with 500 dogs and a swag of UK specialists (and me) doing the breeds was pretty good. Also Swedish Kennel Club. I went back to Sweden for both the Sealyham Terrier specialty and then the Kerry Blue Club.  I did the Norwegian Kennel Club Centenary Show where I judged Pekingese and Chihuahuas as well as the Terrier Group.  Various breeds and Best in Show at the Nordic Terrier Club in 2018.

I have judged Terriers since 1979, Toys since 1982 and the Working Dog Group since 1991. This equates fairly well with FCI Groups 1, 3 and 9.