Guest WiFi

DOGS NSW is pleased to announce that complimentary Guest Wi-Fi has been made available throughout the grounds.

A faster network is also available for Members attending functions, presentations, training etc…

The details of how to connect to this network will be made available to your Event Organiser.

To access the Wi-Fi network, follow these steps;
  1. Download the DOGS NSW app from the iTunes App Store or Android Play store.
  2. Open the app, and look for Wi-Fi in the menu list of the left
  3. Click on the Wi-Fi option for the password to connect, remember this or write it down.
  4. Open the Wi-Fi setting on your device and look for “DOGS NSW Guest WiFi”, select this network and enter the password from the app. Once your device connects, it will open a web browser for you to accept the terms and conditions. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, you can start using your device after about 15 seconds.
A few points to note:

The Wi-Fi password will change after each event at the Grounds so it’s important to check the app for the latest password.

So that everybody gets to share the service, the speed has been deliberately slowed so it’s only suitable for Facebook, uploading photos, emails and browsing the web. That is, it is not suitable for downloading or streaming movies.

Your device may disconnect from the network after a period of non-activity.

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